GIGA Inc.’s focus is and always has been our customers’ satisfaction. Each customer presents unique opportunities to tailor our services to meet their needs. We deliver much more than products to our customers; we provide solutions.

Sourcing Solutions

We are sourcing experts. GIGA Inc. has established relationships with a vast array of manufacturers in various industries. We currently have product representation in 80+ NAICS codes and over 65,000 items on GSA Multiple Award Schedules, GS-21F-097AA and GS-07F-0403M.
With over 2,000 suppliers, GIGA Inc. has tailored some of these relationships to partnerships. Through long-term loyalty and trust, we have generated greater cost efficiency, minimizing price fluctuation. We’ve been able to increase product availability and quality. Through these partnerships, we can provide you with what you need and when you need it at a competitive price.

Purchasing Solutions

As our customers’ needs are evolving, GIGA Inc.’s order processing capabilities continue to expand. We accept purchase orders via email, phone, fax, EDI, GSA Advantage, and other electronic means. We accept BPA’s and other long-term contract arrangements to facilitate reorder of high-volume items. Payment methods include purchase cards, established terms, EFT, WAWF, and others. As always, we are willing to discuss any specific criteria you may require.

Packaging & Preservation Solutions

Paying close attention to detail is imperative to mission critical requirements. GIGA Inc.’s capabilities include adherence to military specific packaging and labelling standards, as well as your preservation needs. GIGA Inc. goes beyond packaging for delivery. We also have custom rapid deployment kitting solutions. We tailor packaging solutions to meet the special needs of U.S. Armed Forces, GSA, DLA, government prime contractors, and other government procurement agencies.

Logistics Solutions

Relationships with a variety of freight carriers and brokers enable GIGA Inc. to deliver products to domestic and international locations. It could be one truckload, 10 truckloads, or one small box; these carriers make sure our products are delivered in a timely manner to the right location. In addition, we partner with DCMA to arrange source inspections and air clearance.