In 1979, businessman Sidney Miller had an idea to create a company that serves and supports the mission requirements of the U.S. military and other government agencies. That April, his idea reached fruition with the creation of GIGA Inc. The name (pronounced guy-guh) has a special significance. Sidney Miller, a World War II GI from Georgia, decided to honor that history in naming his new company by combining the GI and GA (Georgia).

As an employee of this company, you are instilled with a passion for serving those who serve our nation – a passion that makes us committed to offering world-class, personal service. We not only listen to the needs of our customers, but we understand the urgency of their requests and employ resources to exceed their expectations.

Because our focus is customer satisfaction, we are always open to the opportunity to tailor our services to meet our customers’ needs. At GIGA Inc., we deliver much more than products to our customers; we provide solutions.

GIGA Inc. specializes in every facet of the government procurement process, from market research to delivered product; from micro-purchases to complex logistical requirements. We provide fitted procurement solutions to suit your needs through our relationships with manufacturers in a wide range of industries. We partner with freight carriers and brokers to deliver solutions where the customer needs them, in the United States and abroad. GIGA Inc. also offers a host of value-added services that are constantly evolving with your needs, including specialized packaging and custom kitting.

GIGA Inc. has grown from $49,000 in first year sales to a $15 million company today. Our extensive purchasing power and decades of experience serving the Warfighter makes us a force multiplier for any acquisition. GIGA Inc. simplifies the procurement process by allowing you to centralize multiple buying decisions down to one single point of purchase.

In short, GIGA Inc. serves, supports, provides and simplifies, and we do it because we want to. The question is, what can we do for you?